Secret Shopping

Are you at your business morning to night?  Perhaps, but do you want to be? Probably not.

Do you think there are things you are missing with your staff, food and customer service?

Would you like a second set of neutral eyes to act as your customer and tell you what is going on when you are not there?

Credible Consulting offers secret shopping audits for restaurants, hotels, retail, service or hospitality business’s that are looking to get better, want more customers and believe in excellence.

Our onsite analysis includes an audit of the business exterior and interior layout and flow, the environment, customer service and general services, menu & food (if applicable), presentation and product lines.  After our onsite visit, we’ll create a 4-6 page detailed report of findings and recommendations for improvement. Audits range in price from $395-$595 but could be priceless to your business. Contact us today and find out what is going on when you aren’t watching.